Custom Character to UE4

If someone could list the basic steps to get a custom character into UE4.

  1. Create character model in 3DS Max with which bones?
  2. Create which animations for character in 3DS Max?
  3. Import both to UE4.

Is this right?

  1. create the character (mesh, textures)
  2. create the rigg and assign it to the mesh (just search for rigging tutorials, because you can use your custom one in the ue4)
  3. create animations → e.g walking, jumping, idle,…
  4. add a apex cloth effect ( or any other stuff you like
  5. export and then import the character
  6. create all the bp and blendspace stuff -> either you use the existing stuff, or create your own one (how to add your custom char to the 3rd person template:

Step 2 and 3 will differ a little bit when you want to use the animation tool from epic games

Thank you.
Reference to others.