Custom Character Rubbery Physics?

Hi Guys,

I have a custom character I generated using a plugin from Blender. When comparing it to the Unreal mannequin, after simulating physics the body collapses very rubbery, as if it was completely made of rubber, while the mannequin is more rigid. Is there a UE setting that changes this?

Revisiting this, anyone have any tips?

I will have a look tonight as I have a character pre-made and could just test it. Will let yo know of my findings later.

Any luck?.

Ok so everything tested the best way is to manually adjust the models PhysicsAsset. I used Unreals mannequin as a basis and copied the settings of the constraints to get the desired look. I couldn’t quite match it but at least in is not a rubbery mess anymore.

Gotcha, I’m gonna try that, thanks!