Custom Character Placement

So i watched the custom character tutorials on youtube and during those videos, theres no clear explanation of when you can place your own model, and set up the joints, skin, etc. When can you get rid of the proxy mesh? Im really confused and some input will be awesome.

Anyone got any ideas?

As long as you have imported a character + animations you can start replacing the old mesh :slight_smile:

When though??? thats what i want to know

When I understand you right you want to know when you can replace a character in one of the templates with your own one? (probably I just dont understand what you exactly mean :p)
Answer: when you have a character + animations -> you should create a basic one before you start building your custom character bp

Could you probably post a link to the video so that we know which one you exactly mean? :slight_smile:

During those tutorials on YT they did for rigging/animations, in which video do we actually position out custom mesh to place the joints in the correct place and perform skinning to our own model not the default one they are using.