Custom character makes the game chrash

I have created a invisible player without a imventory items, which I use for my mod. This is a copy of the PlayerPawnTest. I created a child of this invisible player, which I set in my modded PrimalGamedata in the gender defenitions. In the modded GamemodeI set the player pawn to PlayerPawnTest. In the editor everything works fine.

The problem is when I play ARK with my mod. In the character creation screen I cant see a character, so this is good, as my character is invisible. When I click create new character, the game chrashes…

What is the problem? Should the parent of the invisible player be the PlayerPawnTest or should the parent be the same as the PlayerPawnTest? Or do I need to set the player pawn in the Gamemode to the invisible player?

Please let me know how this should be set up correctly. And thanks in advance.

Has anybody else suceeded in changing the character pawn? Can you tell me how you set up the gender defenitions in the PrimalGamedata and th default pawn in th Gamemode? I did it like in a tutorial, but this didn’t worked for me.