Custom Character / Jump and landing animation weird

I created my own character and got it in the game.
I configured the animation blueprint etc.

My issue is, it looks like the jumping animation is triggered twice. It would jump / animation starts… animation repeats. Then only does it switch to Jump loop.
What could i possibly check to rectify this?

I have gone over this the past few hours but everything looks 100%

OMG. everytime i post here i find a solution as i click submit. seems i had loop box ticked under the animation.

Something to consider is to loop your jump cycle at least with in the animation cycle it’s self. With out it the player looks like it’s skiing on air and with it the player lands with ease in weighting that does not look like a pop from a cycle that has already ended.

Be interested in how you have you jump physics cycle set up as a jump is typically three separate events and by the description it sounds like you are only using one?