Custom character can't run since 4.9 update

I can’t move my characters in 4.9 anymore…what changed?? I updated, now I’m stuck trying to solve a simple problem that I have no idea how to squash(probably making a huge mess of things now)…I just want to move my character and fly around the map :’(

Please post a screenshot of your blueprint so we can look into your problem. Anything else would just be guessing. Remember we don’t even know what your character is supposed to do.

i would look into movementComponent of ur character and search for some property that could block ur movement input, for example there is a property bool “can crouch” which is set to FALSE by default, maybe the update to 4.9 disabled something else for u

not sure what all needs to go into it…I’m just guessing without help or tutorials sadly…it seemed to be my only problem after the update…I can turn, but can’t walk forward or jump anymore

I have the latest up date and there is no tutorial that is ready for it.
You have a big blueprint mess and from where your warning is there is no axis for which direction the key pressed is. You must define Z, Y and X.