Custom Character Animations Not Working...

So I want to add a custom character into my game and I know how to. But when click Play, it only shows the idle animation even when you run. Jumping seems to be working fine though. I followed this tutorial:
I got my character and animations from Mixamo and they are “in place” animations.

Also, what is this fast path thing? Maybe that is causing the issue??


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Plz help

How does it know what “speed” is? How do you set this value, so it know what it is?

It goes with the BlendSpace1d and CharacterMovement component. The first picture shows it in the Parameters box.
Any solution to the problem though?

Yeah, but the “speed” in the blend is just just some kind of value you have given a name of speed, you could have called it orange or anything else for that matter.
So you need to tell the blueprint what value it should get this speed from.

So if its only forward and back movement, then in the event graph of the animation you need to:

Make a “cast to (character class with this animation)”, and as object “get pawn owner”

From the “cast to …” node, you “get velocity” and the “get length” and then “set speed” as this value.

Then you should be good to go, as you now have the speed the character moves with in any direction as a postive value :slight_smile:

Let me knof if it helps :slight_smile:

Yes! It worked. Didn’t realize I missed setting speed xd, so simple.