Custom Character Animation not working (Should be easy to fix)

Hey All, I’m trying to create a custom character walking animation. I made a test animation in the video below. I created the animation and it seems to work however, when I click play and UE loads the game, the animation is not playing. I must be missing some simple step but cannot figure out what it is. Also, can anybody tell me how to extend the animation timeline? I can only get it to move from frames 0 to 1. I want to be able to key ~300 frames. I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to find tutorials but there aren’t many that show how to create new animations from scratch. Any help would be great!

What jumps out is you did create the keyframe in persona but you did not plot out the animation. In your track controls is a red button. If you press that button a dialogue will open and you can save the plot (a MotionBuilder term me thinks) and you keys will be plotted to that file. In this case if you plot to the file you saved at the beginning, assuming that is the animation file you want to created then your walker should walk when you press run/play

Check the animation documentation
Consider building a control rig for the model
You can use Sequencer to build animation as well and then bake the animation

Thanks, now I’m having an issue with a portion of my control rig. It seems that when I create an effector using the Basic IK, all of the bones above the effector change their rotation to zero and none rotate properly. I’ve shown my issue in the following video. It’s probably something super simple but any advice would be great! Thank You!

I’m not an expert on control rigs but here are a few detailed YouTubes on setting up non-humanoid control rigs in Unreal that might help.
Offhand I think you’d want to build a basic forward control rig for the whole thing and then add IK on to that? And probably better to start close to the root bone and then build out to the further bones?

Thank you, I’ve watched all of those already and my process is based on the Basic IK scorpion video. I’ll keep looking!