Custom Car with modeled mesh not moving

Hello, all!

I’m currently working on a VR car project, and this is my first time working in Unreal. I’m working in 4.14.3, and I’m having an issue with putting a custom mesh on a WheeledVehicle. I downloaded the .fbx from the tutorial here: and that one works fine. However, when I try to import my group’s car model, the Physics Asset defaults differently than with the tutorial car (as in, when I make a new bone collider on the wheels, they don’t start at the wheels). Even after I manually readjust the bone colliders and constraints and change the bone names under the VehicleMovement component, the car refuses to move with my group’s mesh.

Below are the Physics Assets for the tutorial car (called SK_Car) and my group’s car model (PrimitiveCarZUp).



Thank you!