Custom car physics engine into UE4


I’m trying to develop a custom physics engine trying to provide a realistic driving experience as I’m trying to do a sort of racing simulator as close as possible to reality, so I’m starting the development of a custom physics engine exclusively oriented to car physics.

I would like to know, which parts of the UE4 engine would I need to modify in order to include my physics engine into Unreal? I’ve been investigating through the source code but everything seems to be confusing :(… Its my first time with this engine and I’m doing my own physics engine in order to gain experience and try to get something solid and enough realistic to use in hobby projects, so integrating it with Unreal would be great.

Hope you can help me out a bit with this!

well I am not a coder so cant really help with actually implementing a new physics engine but I think in order to do that you will first have to remove UE4’s current physics engine(nvidia’s PhysX 3.3 if I remember correctly) witch would take a lot of effort, although I think with a few tweaks you should be able to get pretty accurate car simulation with PhysX.

this thread Horrible Car Physics - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums has lots of info in it about UE4’s current vehicle system and has some tweaks to improve it(that thread is quite long, you may have to read every post to find the good info).

hope that helps:)