Custom Camera In Network

Hello All,

I have created a custom camera in blueprint. I add the Camera Blueprint to the scene.
When I start the game single player the Camera Blueprint is working great.
However, when I start in network the camera on the server is working as normal but the Client is only showing the default camera which Is at the origin.

I have no replication on the Camera Blueprint hoping that this would be available for every scene when joining a Server.

I have also tried Creating a Camera Blueprint in the controller and setting the “Set View Target With Blend” node but this also fails.

I know I’m missing something on the way UE Cameras work.

Currently I’ve only tried using the “Set View Target With Blend” not sure if there is any other nodes I could use.

I will keep trying various methods and reading more on the docs to see if I can figure this out, however, all suggestions are welcome thanks.


After converting the blueprint into C++ I found that the issue was down to the InputComponent->BindAxis when using Binding constant.

I changed to:

InputComponent->BindAxis("LookUp", this, &AVehicle::SetCameraPitch);
InputComponent->BindAxis("LookRight", this, &AVehicle::SetCameraYaw);

This cured the problem but I would still like to know why I had the issue if possible.