Custom Camera. In need of help

I have created a custom camera rig inside of 3d max.

  1. There are 2 bones in this rig: a root bone and a camera bone

  2. both bones have a polygon skinned to it. 1 skin for both objects

  3. In max, i linked a camera to the camera bone and i animated my 35mm, 16:9 aspect ratio camera.

  4. I exported the camera rig as a skeletal mesh in a bind pose.

  5. i exported out the camera animation as a skeletal animated mesh.

  6. Both came in successfully into Unreal. I opened the skeletal asset and added a socket to the camera bone inside the skeletal mesh (bind pose asset).

  7. I created a BP (Actor) and added my skeletal mesh.

  8. I added the animated mesh to the animation section in the details panel.

  9. I added both cameras to test: Standard camera and Cine. Both are attached to the skeletal mesh (bind pose) and I changed the socket type to the Camera Socket of the animation.

  10. Both cameras attached and i can see the camera floating around on my bone correctly.

  11. I added it to my scene and the camera is very screwed up.

At the end of the day, all i need is my animation in max to import into unreal and do EXACTLY what its doing in max.

“But why dont you just animate your camera using the level sequencer?”

Because my animation is perfectly timed to an audio file. to my knowledge, i can not listen to an audio file, and in real time, at the exact same time animate inside of unreal like i can in max or maya. I need to get this project out the door in the next couple of days. I’d like to do a discord screen share if possible.

can someone please help me?