Custom camera control during network replays

1. I’d like to be able to view a network replay from the point of view of a character, any way to achieve this?
2. Is there a way to have the camera automatically controlled, either by a blueprint, or preferably in matinee with the replay playing back?

I could conceivably do the first with code changes. But the second I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Any chance that replay playback might be brought into the editor or matinee at some point? Seems like the obvious thing to do considering the tools are already there for camera control.

Or does anyone know if anyone is working on a demo / camera system similar to what Reflex has, or Q3mme, or source engine’s?

Edit: Since posting I figured out how to override the default spectator class, so I think I’ll just make my own cam system. For anyone wondering/reading, in the GameMode settings you can change the spectator class. Create a new actor based on SpectatorPawn and set that as the spec class.

Edit #2: Tested and everything seems to work as expected. I think I’ll make and hopefully release a demo / camera system.

I’m interested in doing something similar to this (writing my own cam system for replays) but I’m just starting with UE.

Did you ever post any examples? Got any tips for how to implement?

hi, was you able to figure out how to bind spectator camera to some character while network replay?
it is not possible to playback replay in the editor now or?

Playback of network replay in editor is doable, look into UGameInstance::PlayReplay method, and start by commenting out lines:

if ( CurrentWorld->WorldType == EWorldType::PIE )
UE_LOG( LogDemo, Warning, TEXT( “UGameInstance::PlayReplay: Function called while running a PIE instance, this is disabled.” ) );

And seeing POV of the character in replay is easy, if you want to do it automatically just call PlayerController::SetViewTarget(PointerToYourCharacter) on start of the replay.