Custom camera can't change pitch in 4.5 ShooterGame?

I’ve been using the 4.2 version of ShooterGame to make an fps and one of the changes I made was adding a native camera component. In 4.2 it was working fine, but upon porting the code for it to 4.5s ShooterGame the camera can no longer rotate up or down (Yaw rotation works fine).

Checking the box in blueprint to use the pawns rotation when able fixes the problem, but causes the first person mesh to rotate in a strange manner. Any ideas?

I just realized that in the picture I linked I commented out the part where I attach the camera to the capsule. It being commented has nothing to do with the problem, I simply commented it while trying to fix it.

I have exactly the same problem, i checked the Use Pawn Control Rotation checkbox (for some reason 4.5 unchecked it) and it’s 95 % functional. It only works badly when you look all the way down or all the way up.

I actually figured it out. Look for the OnCameraUpdate function in ShooterCharacter and comment out the last line of code. Should fix everything.

I’m not using the Shooter Game, even on the First Person Template i have that problem and it doesn’t have that line:

Mesh1P->SetRelativeLocationAndRotation(PitchedMesh.GetOrigin(), PitchedMesh.Rotator());

Hey Gary_Effin_Oak-

Just wanted to check to make sure that your problem was solved or see if you still needed any assistance.