Custom Camera Behaviour, blueprints


How would I implement custom camera behaviour using blueprints?

According to Cameras in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation I have to use CameraManager and implement CalcCamera in a Player Controller or in my Actor.

But I couldn’t find this function to override in those classes. Is it exposed in blueprints?


APlayerController::CalcCamera calls GetFocalLocation and GetControlRotation in order to fill in the FMinimalViewInfo for the camera. You should be able to override these to change the behavior.

Further, you could try looking at APlayerCameraManager. You can implement a subclass of this in Blueprints. Then, you should be able to set your PlayerController class’es PlayerCameraManagerClass property to your created class.

Here’s a forum thread on Player Camera Managers.

Jon N.

Thanks, will try this in a few days.