Custom c++ material graph


Is it possible to use a custom function or to overwrite a specific class in order to use c++ for a material graph ?

I would like to have a C++ method to replace this kind of graph and to update my 1.1 constant on the run time :


No, because it’s not C++ space anymore or even CPU on that matter. Material editor is generating HLSL code for GPU, which later is transcribed by UE4 to specific library or/and GPU (OpenGL use GLSL, PS4 uses PSSL) and compiled. If you want to check how shader/GPU programing looks like check out sandbox sites like those (it using WebGL which has compatibility of OpenGL ES2, UE4 use that to for HTML5 support)

Now adding any functionality is a lot more complicated then adding nodes to blueprint, there some docs where might be good starting point:

Theres also custom node which let you add custom HLSL code to the graph, but it’s risky to use as there might be problems with portability:

Hi thank you for your answer

I understand about the GPU pipeline and the shaders even if I don’t know yet how to create a custom shader for a material in UE4.

But my goal is just to modify the UV coordinate at run time, I have just succeeded by creating dynamic materials

I have managed to interpolate my UV with a dynamic variable that I can modify in a blueprint (the next step is to use a C++ throw a plugin instead of the blueprint, I have already done that for another example)

What I was missing was the creation and the use of a dynamic material.