Custom C++ code


I understand if we don’t have access to the source code but why prevent us from adding or own code?
I have very specific features I want to implement that are not provided by the blueprint functions.

Will it be possible in a future version of the Ark Dev Kit?

Hi rayanm,

This question has been asked here :

Custom c++ code won’t be supported for now.

Thanks, I didn’t find that thread earlier.

Well, it seems that it’s more of a Designer Kit that a Dev Kit then.

Don’t underestimate the power of blueprints. with the total conversion update coming on the 13th of august and if we ask the devs to open more functions / variables to blueprint. You will be able to achieve a lot with the dev kit.

I understand that you are disappointed that we won’t have the power of c++ in the ARK Dev kit but you should feel lucky that we have one on an early acces game and that devs keeps updating it for us.

It would only be fair if they had clearly stated that we can’t add our own C++ code. The Dev Kit is like 60Go so I (and maybe other people) have downloaded it for nothing.
I wouldn’t have complained if they did say so in the front page.