Custom C++ async node appears twice in blueprint editor

Hi everyone!

I have a little problem. I have an custom C++ async node like this:

class GOOGLEADS_API UGoogleAdsRewarded : public UBlueprintAsyncActionBase
     * The user claimed the ad reward.
    FGoogleAdsRewardedDelegateDynDelegate OnRewarded;

     * The user closed the ad.
    FGoogleAdsAdClosedDelegateDynDelegate OnClosed;

     * Plays an interstitial ad.
     * @param Name  the name of the Ad. Can be configured in the project settings
    UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, meta = (DisplayName = "Play Rewarded Ad", Keywords = "Play Interstitial Ad GoogleAds Ads Google"), Category = "GoogleAds|Ads")
	static UGoogleAdsRewarded* PlayRewarded(FString Name);

    virtual void Activate() override;

But when I search it in the context menu, it suggests me this node twice:

I hope someone of you has an idea how to avoid this!
Best regards :slight_smile: