Custom Button Select and Focus?

I’m having trouble making my newest sub-menu. Each UI widget I’ve made so far had a definite number of buttons, and they were all the Standard Button item one can insert into Blueprint Widget. These menus have a Text in them that Identifies the Currently Selected Menu Button.

My new menu will have a different number of Buttons depending on items in an array representing the player’s current team of characters. They are added via an Event Construct function, with the first one being given focus to start with. I’m using this Event Tick to get the active button name so I can show it in another Text visible on the Menu

This is pretty much the same as the one that works for the other menus, except this one gets its button array from the Get All Children node instead of from a Make Array since the number of Buttons varies during the game.

So far: the name of the first item appears, but it never changes when I move the selection with the arrow keys / D-pad on the Gamepad. With the keyboard and Gamepad, I can move up and down the list and activate the buttons with the Enter key, but the Name shown won’t change. Thus it’s as if they’re selected but don’t have focus. A series of PrintStrings I tried placing throughout the Function suggests that once I move off the first button with the arrow keys, No button has focus, thus it never updates and the initial button’s name stays.

I tried using a KeyDown Override to Force-Focus the second name. Doing so caused the ID Text to change names, but when I do that, I can’t press the button with Enter. Thus, it’s the opposite problem: It has “Focus” but can’t be pressed with the Keyboard or Gamepad.

Anyone know how I can get it to work like the other menu: where the current selection updates properly and can be activated with the Enter key?

And with a little more digging I will answer my own question:
Since the Custom button is more than just a button, the Node I needed was “HasAnyUserFocusedDescendants” Hadn’t heard of it until now.