Custom Build PC for game dev

I’m trying to upgrade my Alienware laptop to a more powerful desktop PC for game development.
Since I don’t have currently a desktop, instead of getting the parts one by one when needed I need to get all the essential components all at once, which is a big expense.
Here’s the list of all the components and the prices Patryk PC BUILD - Google Sheets

The ideal solution would be to spend £1000 now and get the rest of the parts when I get more money
Do you have any comments on the components I chose? Maybe you would recommend something else?
The biggest expense is the Nvidia GTX 980ti, Since the GTX 970 is half the price, which one should I get? is the 980ti gonna give me many more advantages over the 970?

The ti is an overkill for game development. On the other hand go for 32gigs of ram. With 16 you are always going to wish you had more. Just my 2 cents.

The 4k monitor is 24 inches? If yes i would suggest you reconsider unless you want to go blind! better off with 2 or 3 1080p monitors in surround. Again this is just my opinion :slight_smile:

Personally I’d say that you have a very inconsistent build, some of your hardware is overkill, while things like RAM could use an upgrade, I really don’t see a time when you will reach near full usage with your CPU/GPU without being bottle-necked by your RAM. Also aside from what you actually should need, I hope that all of your prices include shipping, I can find nearly every item on your list $100 off on Amazon, but maybe that is just because I am here in the US.

I have created a second page with a cheaper build which I think I’ll go for.
For now I will get 16gb of ram and upgrade later on as this is something very easy to add.
Yes the monitor is 24", I think I will follow your advice and go for 2-3 1080p monitors instead.

I live in the UK and, we have much higher prices here

In the end I have purchased the second build (found on the 2nd page of the spreadsheet), I have also changed my monitor that I chose before to 2 dell ultrasharp 1080p monitors, but this is still not my final decision, I’ll be looking more into it when time comes to buy them


MORE RAM, You will need more ram for building i only have 8GB ugrading soon but i have a lot of problems.
get 32GB it is so worth it.