Custom Blueprint Templates - A Bit Like TextExpander

Hey Unreal Developers,

Thanks for making UE so awesome as it is! I love the blueprint manager and it’s insanely powerful once you get the hang of it.

I think you can greatly improve if not double our workflow with a simple feature. Is it possible to select a group of blueprint nodes and save them as templates for later use?

We certainly can copy/paste/migrate blueprints from other projects but it would be nice if we can type and select from one of our existing templates.

So, instead of creating nodes over and over again for something like “Get Game Mode -> Cast to MyGameMode -> CallFunction()”, I would like to save them to a template, so I can just type “MyGmodeFunc” and it would create the previous three nodes on the blueprint :cool:


Blueprints have Macrosesand Functions. You also could copy BP nodes and paste them as text in any text editor.

Although it would be nice if we could copy-paste entire functions. Currently we’re able to copy-paste all the nodes and then we need to manually add all input/outputs to new function.

It’s not ideal, but the way I currently duplicate functions is to add a reroute node to all of the inputs and outputs of the function, then copy the nodes. Paste them into an a new empty function, and you can just drag-drop from the reroute node stubs onto the function input and output nodes to add them as inputs/outputs. This copies everything but the parameter names in a few seconds and avoids having to hunt around for a missing connection if an input was used in several places.

Michael Noland