Custom Blueprint Node with more than one function

I have created custom blueprint function library that contains only one function:

.h file:

class MYPROJECT_API UMyBlueprint : public UBlueprintFunctionLibrary

    UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, meta = (DisplayName = "ProjectVersion", CompactNodeTitle = "ProjectVersion"), Category = "System Information")
    static FString SetProjectVersion();


and .cpp file:

FString UMyBlueprint::SetProjectVersion()
FString ProjectVersion;
GConfig->GetString(TEXT("/Script/EngineSettings.GeneralProjectSettings"), TEXT(“ProjectVersion”), ProjectVersion, GGameIni);

return ProjectVersion;


Everything works perfect.

However, if I try to add another function to this same class (library) then the project can’t build.

I would appreciate some help.

Try showing us your code which does NOT work instead of the code that works fine. Also the explicit error message would be helpful.

And… this is not the right section on the forum for that.