Custom Blueprint Events not firing

I’ve created custom blueprint events in my animation state machine, but when I call them from another blueprint, they don’t seem to do anything.

In this example, I am trying to disable playing input while sliding. I don’t want the character to shift side to side while sliding. Not only is the input not disabled, but the debug message never prints, which suggests the custom even is never firing.

Is there something I’m missing? A step I am skipping?

Make sure to input the playercontroller into the inputs. If you move your print string to the just before the Disable Input, that will verify you are getting the AnimNotifies. Thats the first step on where we need to look.

Can you take a screenshot of your anim notifies place on your animation.

You most definitly need a GetPlayerController to plug into the 2 player controller pins. Put debug strings everywhere and make sure they are firing off. You can also use breakpoints (right click on the node) to play it through node by node.

You are calling the custom notify events right?

Also if the notify events arnt on the characters blueprint you will have to do a cast GetPlayerCharacter(yourCharacterBP) and plug that into the target.

found a way around the issue - they worked when being called from the animation blueprint’s event graph, if not the character’s, so I simply called it from there, cast to my character, and set a boolean.