Custom Blank Blueprint Components

I was wondering if there’s a way to divide a blueprint into more blueprints for easier access and less clutter, something like the movement component.

What I would like to do is to create a blank blueprint without any components and reference that blueprint to the main blueprint. And then the main blueprint would make function calls from the other blueprint. Almost like a blueprint library, but it also stores variables and is specifically linked to the object of the main blueprint.

Does anybody have an idea how to achieve this?

Hi Rasmus,

Do you mean setting up functions to be called in your main blueprint? You can set a large portion of your blueprints up within functions, and then call those functions into your main event graph. To do this, you can hit the New function button at the top left of the event-graph window. You can create blueprint interfaces for interactions between multiple blueprints (an example of this can be found in the security cameras of the blueprint office content example). Here is some more information on blueprints that you may find helpful:

What I mean is that I want to create a Blueprint (let’s call it ChildBlueprint) which only stores functions and variables. And in my ParentBlueprint I want to make a variable (let’s call it ChildBlueprintVariable) and then make a new instance to that variable so the variables are unique for every object of ParentBlueprint. What I don’t really know is what kind of Blueprint I should use (like Object or GlobalEditorUtilityBase are the only empty ones that I can find) and I don’t know how to make a new instance to the variable ChildBlueprintVariable in ParentBlueprint (like “ChildBlueprintVariable = new ChildBlueprint()”). What I found is that you can add an component Child Actor and assign a Actor to that, however, I don’t really like the Blueprint to be an Actor as you get some components with it and it’s an whole object on the scene. I’m sorry if I’m unclear, I have a hard to to express myself.

Hi Rasmus,

Have you checked into making personal structs? These allow you to store multiple variables in one struct that you can call into other blueprints at will.