custom basic BP cant/wont RecieveAnyDamage()

so i made a destructible_wall blueprint
and it uses the generic ue4 mesh Wall_500x500
i have a bomb which uses RadialDamage() and I know it works, as I’ve used it on myself

But on the destructible_wall, TakeDamage() events (radial and any) do not get called

Am I experiencing an odd bug ?
I assume I being very very stupid and missed something painfully obvious - as when I see other peoples vid/forum posts, they just stick their mesh into the BP and it seems to get called correctly

Hi ,

How are your destructible settings set up? Can you post a screenshot of the destructible mesh settings so we can get a better look at what might be occurring? Thank you!

hi ,
eeeeerrrrrmmmmmmmmm… what destructible settings ? :slight_smile:
i literally just have a BP extending Actor, with a mesh component using the standard out of the box mesh Wall_500x500

When you create a destructible mesh it copies the first mesh component, and makes a second (destructible) mesh. Then you can edit it’s destruction settings like fragments, damage, etc. Are you sure you replaced your original mesh with the destructible mesh?

edit; watch this: https://www…com/watch?v=QIvcTwlosMQ

oh wow ive mislead , ive not created destructible mesh/actor.
i have created an Actor that derives from Actor, and its name is “destroy_” , nothing fancy.
and as i said im using the standard mesh Wall_500x500

my actor has no destruction component of any kind

I shall watch video, I wasnt planning on doing a destructible mesh, but they mat work better tbh