Custom (Asset Included) License


I have recently bought the asset here: MW Conifer Trees Forest Biome in Environments - UE Marketplace

However upon downloading the asset I’ve noticed some custom license added to it, explicitly requesting credits in the game. However I know that all assets bought on the marketplace fall under Unreal’s marketplace license and DO NOT require credits in the game’s credits.

And as per the UE legal:
Quote: "2.2.g Products distributed through the Marketplace are licensed only under the Unreal Engine EULA, which is not superseded by custom licenses publishers include in their products’ distributed files. "

My question was, the forest we bought falls under the UE EULA and NOT the custom license included with the assets, right? So we don’t have to provide credits in our game for using the forest am I right? Since this is the reason for using the UE marketplace in the first place, high quality models and we don’t have to provide credits for a ton of assets that can become cumbersome at a point.

Thanks & regards!

You are correct - usage falls under the UE EULA, not whatever was included in the asset pack. I’ll have the Marketplace team look into that one.

Thank you very much for the confirmation! It is all I need to know, that the UE EULA overwrites everything.