Custom Armor Meshes

I have started this little section to document creating new armor sets, So far - I’ve been very successful in creating new helmets/hats.

This really isn’t the meat and potatoes of the post - since those are simple static meshes referenced by a blue print.

But the Chest, Legs, Hands and Feet. Those are attached to Skeletal Meshes.

This is where I want to discuss ideas on how to manipulate these to be useable.

I tried to simply copy a skeletal mesh (Leather Chest Piece - maleLeather_shirt to be exact) for this test. Exported the file out to an FBX. Calling it - Male_Test_Shirt.fbx

I crafted an all new chest piece mesh, using Maya 2016.

Imported the Male_Test_Shirt. Looks great in the editor.

What would be the steps after this to replacing the mesh?

I tried simply removing the old one and putting the new one in it’s place.

But that destroys the skeleton when reimported - and subsequently, the Human_Male_TPV attached to it if rebuilt. (Don’t do this, it is a pain to replace.)

Now, if there’s an easier way to replace meshes - I would love to hear it, or better read about a step by step to doing so. :slight_smile: After all, that’s what this post is for - sharing how to do that.

So each part has to be skinned to the same skeleton, you export each one separately AND the skeleton on it’s own. Import the Skeleton on its own and make sure UE creates a Skeleton Asset from this. On all the subsequent imports don’t create a new skeleton but instead choose to use the previously created skeleton. Now you can instance in the meshes whenever you need to.

Ok, so I have now learned that I am by now means a Rigger.

I have these meshes, materials and textures… but I am by no means going to be able to figure out all the animation/skeleton/bones/etc.

If there are any out there who are wiz-kidz on this kind of thing, let me know. I’d love to collaborate on this one aspect.