Custom "Apply damage" Style node?

Hi there

I recently discovered the ‘Apply damage’ node, and found it very versatile. I really liked how I didn’t have to cast to a specific actor to send data like damage amount and direction to it. I was wondering if I could make my own version of it? For example I wanted to be able to send a grappling hook’s “hit” location, among other things, and didn’t want to use the already existing apply damage node, as the things I want to do goes beyond the scope of what the apply damage node can do.

Try the “hit” event, and then break hit result. You will find it has a lot of uses for your type of need.

How do I trigger the hit event manually? I was under the impression it only fires when a physics objects collides with something

I do believe it does, but in the case of your grappling hook, which I would believe to be a skeletal mesh (similar to any weapon in UE4) You could get the hit event of the grappling part, as the hit event can be dismantled by bone affected.

you could use an interface that implements health stuff like Heal, Take Damage, Die, etc

in the take damage you can add some inputs like the raycast hit, damage amount, actor who caused the damage and a bool if the damage should be affected by armor or something like that

Well, my grappling hook isn’t an actual projectile and isn’t fired by the player, and is spawned programatically so I would have to trigger the hit manually. How would one do that?

You could fire a trace during your grappling event, they have the hit event and can be rendered invisible. They are used in a lot of similar contexts.

Blueprint Interface did it, thanks!