Custom Animtion Node not packaging

Hey Guys,

this is my first post here on the forum so please correct me if I’m doing something wrong or if this is the wrong place to post?

I have following problem:
I’ve created a plugin and made a custom animation node which is basically just a copy of the modify bone node. Everything works fine as long as i play in the editor. When i try to pack my project i get following error:

Which is obviously due to my module being a runtime module and UnrealEd being editor-only. I tried switching my module type to UncookedOnly and then i was able to package the project but the animation node was not working at all(just nothing happened).

So how do i get it to work with a runtime module?

I found the solution myself. You need to have two modules one runtime and one UncookedOnly module and put the anim node in the runtime module and the anim graph node in the UncookedOnly module.

Yeah that’s right. Same goes for any custom K2Node-derived classes, they need to be available in any uncooked builds (so can’t go in your editor module) but they also can’t exist in packaged games, since they rely on editor modules.