Custom Animations in Third Person Example File

Hello again everyone.
I’ve been messing around in UE and have been playing around with the Third Person Example. I’ve imported a custom mesh (With a skeleton) and figured out how to switch out the demo character and switch him with my skelmesh. However, the mesh is un-animated in-game. I have the animations that I need for my skelmesh, but I can’t find where I’d set the animations. I’ve found a pop-up in BP that says “Use Animation Blueprint” or “Use Animation Asset” - But I can’t find this elusive Animation Blueprint anywhere.

  • Ryan S

Hey Ryan,

Definitely check out the wiki section on Anim Blueprints, it covers a lot and will illustrate how to create add animations to your character.

Also towards the end of the First Person Shooter tutorial, it walks you throw implementing some animations for a FPS style game (not quite 3rd Person as you are looking for, but will show you the process of getting stuff in and hooked up).


Cheers! It’s such a powerful system (UE4) but a lot to get your head around when moving from another engine! It’s already totally worth it though!