Custom Animation plugin stopped Working after version change

Im working on a VR project for research purposes. The UE project was originally made by 3D Perception Lab · GitHub and the project itself is: unrealrox. It was designed for UE4.18

In our work we imported and converted this to a 4.26 project with necessary code changes for deprecated variables and functions as we wanted assets like metahumans and lidar point clouds.

The project currently works perfectly with the exception of the “AnimNode” custom plugin in the project. There was no code changes done here during version conversion as there was no build errors. Looking back through the code now, its difficult to spot something.

The AnimNode plugin in short enables a blueprint callable animation module “Bulk Transform Modify” which is a modified version of the default “Transform Modify”. The new plugin reads off an array for bone names and corresponding transforms, and animates all bones in one go.

Of course we are in contact with the original developers as well, but they have additional projects that needs priority.

Currently any help in spotting what needs to be changed here would be helpful.

Ive not posted any immediate screenshots or code as this is a wide issue, but Im available most weekdays and will reply to questions with necessary code and screenshots/ project files.