Custom Animation Notify wont Fire

Hey guys!
I have a character who I would like to implement custom animation notifies for so that he starts and end his hitboxes properly. I created a custom notify called starthit and endhit and set them on the appropriate times of my animation as seen below:

Then, I tried to implement the custom notify events in the Character’s Animation Blueprint:

However, the event never even gets triggered. I tried setting breakpoints on them too and the breakpoints never got triggered. I don’t use the animation graph to handle my animations because I find the logic between state transitions to be tedious and redundant. Rather, I’ve programmed in C++ a String state the character is in, and I programmed the character to play the appropriate new animation every time it’s State changes. This way I won’t have to rewrite all my state change logic in the AnimGraph. I thought maybe the Animation BP didn’t recognize my animation as a result of that but Particle, Sound, and even Custom Notify State worked when I tried it on this exact animation.

Help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

So you are trying to handle the event in the anim blueprint which you are not using? sounds odd.
Id advise you to create a new anim notify class, write your custom logic that sends the event to your character class instead of the anim blueprint