Custom Anim Nodes

I need to make an animation of running character ajusted to some ground level (feet have to be on the ground or higher regardless of exact pelvis location). Default Two-Bone IK node takes an effector target that I have to calculate before running animation apply, so I calculate effector location based on previous frame. Within of Two-Bone IK node I use outdated target location and return foot to a previous location. So I need to make my custom anim node for IK process that takes ground Z coord as a param and adjust leg bones. But i never did it before and can’t find any solid documentation. I’d appreciate help with questions below or links to good documentation/tutorials.

Now I have an empty animation node with Component-space Pose Input, Bone Name input, float Ground level and Foot Height inputs.

  1. Is it correct that I have to process it in FAnimNode::EvaluateBoneTransforms(…) overriding function?
  2. How can I get current bone transform by name?

Any help please? Is there another way to do this without custom animation nodes probably?

UPD. Never mind, original TwoBoeIK struct sources are good example.