Custom Anim Node causing the editor to crash with -Game

Hey all,

I posted on the answer hub a while back and heard nothing, so i figured i’d try here.

I’ve added a custom anim node to my editor/game project, and it’s causing the game to crash on startup if we use -game with the editor binary.
It seems to be attempting to re-compile all the blueprints on startup. It doesn’t load in our editor binary (‘UE4Editor-SubmergedEditor.dll’), so it seems to be missing the AnimGraphNode class, which causes it to freak out and die. (I think)
It all seems to work correctly with cooked content.

We’re currently running 4.5.1, so i’m not sure if this has been fixed in the newest version or not. (If it is an engine issue.)

For the crash stack and log check out the answer hub question:

Cheers in advance.


Sorry for delay. I replied to the AnswerHub. I don’t have answer, but question to you.