Custom Anim Graph Node - Paragon like

Hi, I am a Chinese Animation TD.

I watched Official livestream about the animation techniques used in Paragon.It is very impressive.I love those ideas,such like “Orientation Warping” and “Speed Warping”.And I realized that some of those features did not covered by current version of UE4.

So I write it by myself, it may not as perfect as the official ones,but it still works fine(for now).

I write it as a plugin, so everyone who has demand can use it.

Although the idea comes from official video tutorial, but I wrote it 100% percent by myself. So, my question is: Can I put it on the Marketplace?(for free)

PS: If I did that, can I earn some titles such like “Marketplace Creator” or sth? :)​ It looks so cool.

For some reason I can not upload pictures, check out the videos please.;base64

Orientation Warping

Speed Warping

Video Li
Orientation Warpingp: Unreal Engine 4 Animation - Orientation Warping - YouTube
Unreal Engine 4 - Orientation Warping (Usage) - YouTube

Speed Warping: Unreal Engine 4 Animation - Speed Warping - YouTube

If you submit to Marketplace then you will have to provide support and user documentation.
If you don’t want to do that, you can just publish the node sources to GitHub and people interested can download from there :slight_smile:

I can make a tutorial on who to use it and put it on youtube, is that OK? Or the user documentation is a must for content of marketplace.

Hi, I’m working on a similar system myself. So I’m pretty interested if you were doing a tutorial of git. I saw quite a lot of persons interested in the forums so I guess it could be a good start.

Usually a written guide is also required, but I don’t know, maybe they publish with a video guide. Submit then they’ll tell you what they think :slight_smile:

Is this still happening? I’m greatly looking forward to it.

Also higly interested in this…are you still planing on making your solution available?

I am also very interested in seeing a tutorial, or marketplace release of this.

Any news on this?

If you use this and it crashes, you can edit AnimNode_SpeedWarping.cpp at about line 214, delete 2 “check” commands and put this instead:

if (BoneLocation.ContainsNaN() || BoneVelocity.ContainsNaN()) return;

It works for me in 4.24