Custom Ammo Not Showing up in Fabricator

Hey everyone, I was making some new ammo for a balancing mod I was working on for my buddies and I, but ran into a wall.

I have created a custom Metal Arrow as a primary test. I’m planning on making this mod a TC mod so I’m not concerned with making all the ammo as “additional engram bluprints” I want to replace the already existing ones. I have the Primal_ItemAmmo_CompoundBowArrow pointing to the PrimalItem_WeaponCompoundBow under Support Drag Onto Item Class, so the Compound Bow can use the new arrows. I have teh Item Weapon Template set to WeapCompoundBow_RealDino (My custom tag). Crafting Requires Inventory Component: PrimalInventoryBP_Fabricator. For the projectile I have it linked to the bow as well. The item shows up in my engram list both when I have it replacing the previous Metal Arrows and with it as an “extra” engram. However it is not in the fabricator, and after digging through the fabricator and it’s storagebox… I cannot find a way to link craftable blueprints.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong or how to force the fabricator to show my custom items?

I have also looked in the Fabricator’s Inventory, and found 13 craftable items, but none of the armor or weapons. Which leads me to believe that they’re buried somewhere in the code. I’ve seen mods that have full-on recreated smiting tables (which work similar to the fabricator’s inventory) but can’t figure out how to replicate that either.

You basically have two options: Either you copy all the items you want to modify and use the Remap Item feature, or you use additional structure engrams to add NEW items to the fabricator.
Another option is to copy and replace the fabricator and add your item to the “Default Items” and add an item to “Default Engrams” and set it to one, but I think there is no way to do this without a TC.

Well that’s fine, I’m trying to make a TC. I’m currently having some issues with the StorageBox file though. When I go to components there is the incorrect inventory linked within. However whenever I try to link my edited inventory (currently just a flat copy of the normal inventory) only 13 of the 62 items show up. However in the default inventory file there are all 62 “Default Items” and Engrams, ONLY IN THE STORAGEBOX FILE. When I go to the default Inventory file, it has the same issue as my copy only 13 items are there. And when I go to add my copy or the original into the Fabricator it only lists those 13 “Default Items” and Engrams. I have NO idea where it’s getting the other 49…

After much futzing around and getting some help from another modder I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong, or rather what I flat out wasn’t doing.

If you don’t mind me asking, what did you end up doing to solve it?

I ended up having to make a custom inventory file for the fabricator, a custom structure for the fabricator, a custom engram for the fabricator, and a custom storage box for the fabricator. And then reference it all properly. THEN, do the same for the smithy since it makes the fabricator. Now my issue is on another thread, I had to make a custom structure placer file to be able to place these new structures, but I can’t figure out what references THAT file XD