Custom AI Pathfinding of 2D game

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a C++ programmer who would help me with a custom pathfinding in my hobby 2D platformer. The goal is to have AI able to jump between platforms and do walljumps/wallruns.

  • Performance is very important for this project, so I assume expanding current pathfinding system would be the way to go
  • As far as I understand it, overriding “UPathFollowingComponent” and custom NavProxy is the correct way to do it

Payment preferably via Paypal
If you are interested or want to know more, please DM me or join


I think you might be able to use the existing 3D Navigation system if you lay your sprites on the Z plane and have the camera looking on it from above.

Actually you might just as well do with vertical alignment of tiles as well, just as long as they have collision setup properly

Though similar solution might be possible, I would much rather use the “proper” way.

I see few issues with Z plane as well, please correct me if I am wrong, because I assume I misunderstood your suggestion.

  • Using Z plane would require default gravity to be turned off and custom -X or -Y gravity implemented for each actor and character.
  • Characters do not support “rotation” so custom character class would have to be created
  • Characters would walk over the Z plane from one platform to the other, and “faking” jumps would require complex detection system
  • Would require additional logic in pathfinding to handle walljump/wallrun anyway.

well ignore the z plane method.

You can just have the standard Z is down setup. and extend platforms and players as 3D objects using box and capsule collisions (which you’ll do anyway with Paper2D)

So it should not be any different at all from making navigation and pathfinding for a 3D game as only the visual part of your game is 2D sprites but the collision will always be 3D.