Curves and Arrays in Material Editor

I discovered these issues when I was trying to create a material that drew a point moving along a curved line. Naturally, a float curve seemed like the best type of asset to use. Setting up that curve like I wanted was easy. However, I soon discovered that there is no built in way to use curves in materials. I was planning on passing in the r channel of texture coords to retrieve the values and use them as a g channel. Then I was going to use the r and g together as coordinates for the line and for my moving point.

I was forced to drop the line entirely, and use a blueprint workaround. Now am using multiple moving points. However, instead of being able to pass in an array of the vectors for the point coordinates, I had to copy and paste 20 separate vector parameters.

Please add curves and arrays to the nodes available in the material editor. A normal texture is several values mapped to U and V values. I want curves to be treated as values mapped to U values, if you understand what I mean. Curves would be super useful for making graphs and gauges for vehicles as well. Thank you.

You could drive a material parameter with curve in blueprints but Arrays (among other things) is what would truly open a lot of possibilities.

There has been some discussion recently about material editor 2.0

I hope we get a response from Epic…

What type of parameter would allow me to pass in the continuous, non-discrete, range of values from 0 to 1 using blueprint?