CurveMetaData.Type.bMaterial always false?

I’m trying to find out if an anim curve is being used to drive material animation. I’m doing this, but even when I have a green check mark in the anim curve editor, bMaterial and bMorphtarget are always false. Do those CurveMetaData values ever get set to true?

AnimSeq = LoadObject<UAnimSequence>(nullptr, *Asset.ObjectPath.ToString(), NULL, LOAD_None, NULL);
FRawCurveTracks RawTracks = AnimSeq->RawCurveData;
const TArray<FFloatCurve> FloatCurves = RawTracks.FloatCurves;
if (FloatCurves.Num() > 0)
    for (FFloatCurve ThisCurve : FloatCurves)
        bMaterial = this->CurveMetaData.Type.bMaterial;
        bMorph = this->CurveMetaData.Type.bMorphtarget;