Curved roof

can someone tell me if there is anyway to make a curved roof (Think London underground)


Hi Doogerie,

It is possible for sure. There are limitations depending on the program being used of course. :slight_smile:

If you’re using UE4 = You can use the cylinder brush with a hollow box checked. There will be no smoothing groups so you’ll see the hard edges for each part of the curved surface.

If you’re using a standard modeling program (3Ds Max, Maya, Blender, etc) you have many more possibilities for editing along with smoothing groups to get a smoothed look for your ceiling.



thans for your reply i can’t afford 3Ds Max or Maya and lering beender looks like big undertaking but i will look into it.

I would suggest getting into Blender. This would be a simple item to create in there, and there are so many tutorials on YouTube which helped me a lot.

Yup, learn blender. BSP is quite limited but once you create and import your first thing from blender … tis amazing then you are away designing all sorts :smiley: