Curved map, Blender or UE4?

I’m fairly new to game development, so forgive me if there’s an obvious answer for this question, but here goes.

I’m trying to make a level that curves upward on a fairly large scale. I’m building a spaceship of sorts and the level is made so that it revolves around the center of the craft, generating gravity (think the Hermes from the movie The Martian). Basically, this necessitates the level where the player can move around is curved upward. Is there a way to do this in Unreal or should I use Blender and create a mesh? If the latter, what is the best (or any) way to import this as a mesh, but have it serve as the per se ground the player walks on, or in…

Any help you could offer would be appreciated. I’ve tried searching through the forums but haven’t really come across this particular issue.

You didnt look very hard lol. This is pretty basic stuff and I swear its are the ONLY tutorials that come up on youtube and google. Anyways, you want to use Blender for your modeling. Sounds like you want some pretty complex shapes and Unreals BSP system would be pure hell plus its really outdated and slow preforming and pretty much bad practice to use in general. So, set up your Blender units for meters, only model in quads if you can, and be aware that collision is another story. Export your models as .FBX and they are ready for importing.

This guy has some good tricks for texturing and you’ll learn how to export here.