I need to create a curve. Then I need to set the value on one of the axes and get the value on the other axis. How to do it?

Hi man,
set a curve of what kind ?
just abstract?
you make an expression using the nodes or the node “make expression” , and assign the result to a variable.

I have a graph of a function Y = f (X). I don’t know the function itself, but I know the values at key points. I will be assigning X values and I need to know the Y values.

An easy way is “add a timeline” to your blueprint,
set the point you know and use the bezier to adjust the flow of the curve.
In the blueprint set the time to the timeline to the value of X , and you will get the Y.

My timeline starts at zero. Is it possible to set values for X, for example, from -1 to 1? I need negative values too.

time cant be negative , but you have a workaround.
shift your curve ----- keypoint x-5 become 5 (adding 10 values) and when you extract the Y, remove 10 from the float you get.

add as much as you need to keep the curve positive (+10) and , when you need the correct value, reduce it by the same value (-10)

EDIT: Holy butterfly !!
i just tryed ! i was wrong , you can set the timeline to negative value !!
Just drag the keypoint on the left, or set the time to negative value in the upper part

In the image i have selected the timeline but you can select the keypoint and they can be set to negative value.

I can drag the keypoints to the negative area, but I can’t get the values. I always get zero on the screen for negative values. Most likely the timeline is not suitable for this. It seems that using a variable with the type of a floating curve is quite acceptable.

That leads us back to the dirty way

Unreal is really tricky sometimes…
i mean always

I understand the essence of this method, but it is not necessary. Variable curve float work with negative values too and immediately gives the desired result without shifting the graph to the area of positive values. So the issue is resolved, thanks.