Curve to coordinate?

Can i create a curve and take digits from some of its points?

Points is not the way to describe it really, it’s interpolated value at time:

  • create a curve in the Content Browser (there’s more than 1 type):


  • and sample it:

Alternatively, you could use a timeline. You can actually load the above curves into the timeline.

If you treat Time as Step, you can get value at a specific step. So in a way, yes, you can:

take digits from some of its points

So for:

Curve to coordinate?

You’d make a vector curve.

I just did it with curve file and used it in a blueprint it worked nice and i managed to extract exact values, thank you
yesterday you sent me a setup for interval ticks, about the blocks enlarging on mouseover, however I have a problem creating blueprint interface event with pin, can you please check what i wrote you in comments