Curve scale problem

Moving an actor … I have a distance that I want to correspond to a 1s Curve so it can ease in and out with a little bit of math works fine. The problem is though because of the scale 0-1 the speed varies depending on the distance, what I need is some math to make it always move the same speed?

though i am not sure i understood exactly what you mean i think you start with mistake the curve! if you need something to move with the same speed curve will be harder. Though you can adjust it with the actor time dilation node like 400 cm is ok (the speed ) then in 800 cm have the dilation at 0.5 so you will have a formula like
time dilation =400(desired distance in speed)/800(actor distance)

I think I see what you mean, will give it a try. Thanks for trying to understand what I mean. :slight_smile: