Curvature Texture

How/where do I apply a curvature texture to the material? Does UE4 even support this texture type?

Example of a scaled down curvature:


I also can not find it in the naming convention:

I have same question!!

There is no a slot to put this kind of textures in the material editor.
But you can implement the curvatures in your material.
The curvature has the “edges” and the “cavities” information from an object. Usually the cavities information is aplyed with multiply, and the edges information with addition.
The blend overlay mode do that!
So if you want to use a curvature in your material, add a blend overlay node to add this texture to your difuse texture, and thats all!
Of course you can put a lerp to control the quantity of the blend you want, just in case you need to control it.

I am very grateful for your answer and benefited a lot~ :slight_smile: