CURTAINS COLLIDING WITH WINDOW SILL cloth collision not working

I have a window with curtains made in blender 2.9 and imported in UE5. There is a slight wind fluctuation blowing the curtains. But the curtains need to rest on the window sill when there is no wind. Now I am not an expert in UE but I cannot seem to find any way to make this work. ANY HELP PLEASE.

There’s no such thing as cloth collision against anything but itself or the PHAT asset that the cloth is assigned.

In the case of a window sill, all you have to do is add a box to the phat asset.
Also add the box for the wall so the curtain can only go the correct way.

There is no way to work on the physical asset outside the engine (There used to be for cloth once upon a time…), so you have to make do IN engine.

I suggest importing a window model with all it’s parts as skeletal to get the phat layout going, and then simply re-importong it after excluding everything buy the curtain.

Hi MostHost_LA,
Thank you for your reply. I figured that I had work on the physics in UE. But I am still learning and when I read your reply, it makes sense but I still can’t get it to work.
I’m 56 and having a hard time learning UE as there is soooo much to learn.
So my apologies. I can’t seem to find any tutorial on this. Could you point me in the right way of a tutorial maybe? Thank you for your help.

There actually aren’t many tutorials for curtains specifically.
Had essentially the same issue recently with a bath tub curtain.

Convert the model to a skeletal mesh if it isn’t already.
Rig the curtain up somewhat.
I used 3 bones per crease. It essentially looks like a curtain made out of beads. Weight paint someaht appropriately.

Bring it to the engine and create or add a phat asset.

Then you add collision boxes inside the asset.

And lastly, you set up cloth to be a short (10cm?) Distance away from the skeltal bones.

With that in place, you can review the phat asset curtain collisions to provide some interactivity with the environment (which is fake, you are interacting to the skeleton, not to the cloth).
And you can also call animations to do things like open or close the curtain.
As well as things like using physics to affect it.

You can try this for how to make cloth in blender

It’s got nothing much to do with what you need though.
You probably want to skip to the phat/cloth part and check how the asset is edited.