Curtain being pulled back

Hi there,

I have a need to have a product to gradually be revealed by a curtain pulling back on a curved track. I have simply done it in Max by animating the slice tool, but obviously wont export.

My blueprint knowledge is still rather basic. Any ideas how I can replicate this?

Many thanks

There are a few ways - that I know of - that this can be done.

If you need it to be dynamic, you could simulate the cloth directly in UE4.

If static and simple is what you’re going for, you could model the curtain in a closed and open state (ie Wavy shaped plane constrained to the track. Scale it down along the track to open) then use a morph target to interpolate between the two states.

If static and realistic is what you want, you could simulate the cloth material and export the simulation in the Alembic format. It’s been many years since I’ve used Max, but if I recall you have 2 options; Reactor and a Cloth Modifier. You could do something similar to the last example, where you constrain the top row of verts to the curved track, animate it being compressed along the track, and let the simulation handle the rest. I’ve played around with this method a bit with Blender myself, recently. Beware that depending on complexity, this method can create some huge file sizes.

Take my words with a grain of salt, though, as I am very new to Unreal and game engines (like 4 weeks new). My knowledge comes from outside of the world of realtime.

Many thanks for the possible solutions, will see if I can get it to work based on one of those workflows