Cursor seems to be miscalibrated in all editor windows

In the editor window for any part of my project, my cursor seems to not be calibrated correctly. Anytime I click or click and drag with my mouse, instead of making the selection at the cursor the selection is made above and to the left. About 2 inches away on my screen. This only happens in the view window, not in any of the other settings. Is there a setting I can change to fix this?

If you have adjusted the DPI scale on your system to be larger than 100% say 125% or 150% then this will happen. I am using windows 10 and the default DPI settings cause me to squint when reading anything. Why microsoft decided this was an acceptable DPI scale for 100% is beyond me I have perfect vision and this is a nightmare. The solution I found was to go back to 100% and then use this: Advanced System Font Changer - WinTools.Info

This makes text at least somewhat better. I thought that the problem was only in the paper2d plugin because I noticed it the most in the tile editor. I did send a bug report but you may want to follow up and send another describing how it effected you.