Cursor moves to top-left corner when I input numbers with keyboard

When I put numbers in, such as when I change the X size of a bsp, or scale an object or otherwise use the keyboard to input numbers in the details panel, my cursor goes to the top-left my desktop area, which is annoying because I am using 2 monitors with UE4 on my right monitor and I have to drag my mouse back every time I input numbers.

I don’t recall this bug prior to 4.5 and I’m sure I would have noticed it, it is quite annoying. It happens about half the time, when I click the number or the slider, the cursor will seem to disappear, but actually jumps to the top-left corner, I imagine that if UE4 was on my left monitor this would not be such a big deal.

It is very annoying though, sometimes I will click not knowing where my cursor is and interfere with something on the other screen I’m not looking at.

Hi ,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue. This is something that we were aware of. I just tested it in our most recent internal build and it is no longer occurring there, so the issue will be resolved in a future release.

God, this is annoying me to no end. Greatly reduces work speed having to drag the cursor across 4 monitors every time you change a property.