Cursor Begin and End Event

I used a mouse cursor start and end events to show a widget, I toggle a “visible” variable that is bound to visible on the Widget.

When I start and hover on the actor and I print, I get a single “mouse over print” and when I move the mouse away I get a single print " mouse cursor end" event.
However, when I set my visible variable to toggle, my code flip flop between cursor start and end events.

I’ve tried “do once” but that doesn’t work. I’m curious howcome my cursor end code is even executed because I don’t move my mouse from the actor at any point. [I’m wondering if this is some deep technical reason like CCD or something but frankly I don’t know enough about unreal]

Thanks in advance.

I have previous used “create widget” and add to viewport in the eact some events and they only fire once as expected and remove from parent when the “end cursor hover” hits. (I mean that afaik my player controller, mouse events are all working as they should)

So I’m ~consfused~

Right, so I figured out what’s happening here but not sure how to fix it?

When the cursor hovers over the the box it triggers to widget, but then the cursor is over the widget and it “moves” off the box, which then means the cursor is over the box and it triggers the widget and so on…

So is there a way to make the widget not clickable , or not interfering with cursor?

Answer: In the visible but area it should be set to visible but not hit testable. Works fine now.
None of the tutorials I watched said anything about that :confused: